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How to get free paytm cash by playing games? What if, we told you that there is a way for that. Too much to be true! But yes, there are gaming apps that actually offer rewards into your paytm wallet for just playing these games. Only necessary criteria is that you must be good at these games.
Here are some of the famous free paytm cash earning apps and games available online:


1.Fruit Tosser App

Fruit tosser is not only an addictive game but it also gets tricky with each level. The games start with shooting and firing the fruits with a canon. The aim can be set by dragging the laser by finger. As you start playing this fun game, the level moves up and gets trickier. After the user completes first 5 levels, a unique code is allotted. This unique code gets you Rs.500 Paytm cash or Paytm recharge. The game is absolutely free and required no installation charges. You can either play the game online or offline, as and when you want.

2.Bulb Smash Game
We all have definitely played bubble breaking and shooting games in our lives. Bulb Smash is another addictive bulb shooting game which gives you Paytm cash of Rs.5 for each referral made. The offer is not restricted to referrals only, you will get rewarded for signing up on this app as well. The sign-up reward is restricted to Rs.10 which gets credited in the Paytm wallet. These rewarded can be transferred to the Paytm wallets and used for recharges or payments.

3.Battle of Dots
Here comes another exciting game which delivers rewards for playing and signing up. Battle of Dots, as the name suggests, is a dots game which can be played with friends online or with computer bot offline. This game structure different set of rewards for different ranks. For example: The first ranker with receive Rs.200 paytm cash, second ranker will receive Rs.100 Paytm cash, third will get Rs.50 and Rs.20 for fourth & fifth rank holders.

4.Get Rs.100 Paytm free cash with Starhunt Game
Starhunt is a 2D/3D designed game where the players are supposed to cross through the planets, Hunt the stars and reach to the target Solar System. It is a free game which can be downloaded from Playstore or Applestore. The best part is that when you earn 100 or more points, you get Rs.100 paytm cash instantly.
Here is the process of how you are supposed to get free paytm cash through this game:

  • Install the game from your Playstore or Applestore
  • Play and hit a score of 100 or more
  • Scroll to the leaderboard and click on “Brag on facebook” option
  • Post your highscore on FB and make the post public
  • Now, go to WizWack Studios FB page
  • Say “Hi!” and you will receive a message asking for your mobile number through which you will get the respective paytm cash.
5.Bat2Win Gaming App

Install-Play-Earn-Repeat! Exclusively for the cricket game lovers, Bat2win is another free game introduced by the developers of Power Cricket T20. With this game, you can earn up to Rs,500 Paytm cash if you make it to the leaderboard. Build up your score against the Yorkers, Bouncers, Spin bowling and all the tactics of cricket; and get the Paytm earning started.
How to Earn paytm money from this gaming app:
  • Install this game from Google Playstore for free
  • Sign-up with your email id
  • Start playing and score maximum runs
  • When you make it to top 5 in the leaderboard, you get coupons and Paytm cash credited instantly
  • Maximum Cash of Rs.500/- every time you hit the top 5 in leaderboard.

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