Top 6 Ways For Students To Make Money Online

Top Six Ways For Earning Money Online

Top 6 Ways For Students To Make Money Online
Earning money, one of the most difficult work/task for most of the people in real world. But it's not that much difficult as they think about it. In now a days also many students does not belongs to rich family to fullfill their own needs in their life. So for those students only here are some good options to earn some money to fullfill their daily needs. Please read the post nicely and choose the best which fits you.

Top 6 Ways For Eaning Money

1. Earn Money With Blogging

If you like writing about something you know about and want to share your thoughts among peoples than blogging is best for you. Many bloggers start it as a part time work but soon it becomes career option for many of them. For Blogging you don't have to be very techy for starting blog.
Mainly there are two types of blogging, one is free blogging on blogger or wordpress and other is professional blogging on blogger or wordpress with self-hosted domain. 
At starting you can start with free blogging or you can also use self hosted domain which may cost you around 3 to 4 thousand rupees.
You can start earning within a month or it can takes few months also, it depends on how you work on it.

2. Earn Money From Your Smartphone

There are many apps for your smartphone using which you can earn some extra money by doing simple task. We call those apps as money earning apps.
Here are top 20 money earning app list through which you can earn some extra money after installing it on your smartphone and doing some simple task such as filling surveys, watching videos, filling captchas, playing games, reffering apps with your friends and falimy and many more things.
You don't need to give some extra time for doing it, you can do it anywhere at anytime very easily
You can easily earn 200 to 500 rupees daily.

3.Become A Captcha Solver

One of the easiest method for earning money online. If you are having some free time then you can do captcha soling and make some extra income. There are hundredes of captcha solving sites but only few are genuin that pays you.
 While solving captcha you will be given a captcha image which you have to read and answer.
If you are interested in solving captcha then here is the list of top 8 captcha solver websites that pays genuinly.

4.Take Tutions Online

If you have knowledge of any subject than you can easily earn money by teaching people online. Online tutions has some advantages that you can teach students of any ages anound all over the world and helping them doing their homeworks and aslo clearing their doubghts.
There are many websites like,,, as online tution websites on which you can signup and create your profile by filling all your detailes.
After you signup on these websites, you will not be verified instantly. They will ask you to fill their forms and give online demo class. After doing all these process if you get verified then only you can start teaching online.

5. Fill Online Paid Surveys

Online surveys usually pays you for reviewing their products or giving your opinions on that product and servises. Sometimes they also send their products to the contentents for trying their products and giving reviews to their products. Filling survey is the most common method used for earning some extra money. If you are looking for some entertaining method for earning money then this is the best option for you.
There are many websites of surseys on the internet but most of them are not trustable and genuin. Only few  of them are genuin, so be sure about choosing the best and genuin website for filling surveys.

6. Selling Your Old Stuffs online

You can sell your old things that are of no further use to you. There may be numbers of things lying in your home which are of no further use. You don't have to do much for selling your things online, you just need to click some high quality photos of your unused things with different angles and post it on OLX or Quikr for sale.
You Can also sell your old books online on these websites.
You can also make your friend's things sell and get some extra comission for doing that.

Hope you guys will like this post and share it with your friends. For any kind of help and support you can comment below in the comment box.  
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