10 Things You Must Know Before Starting a YouTube Channel

10 Things You Must Know Before Starting a YouTube Channel

10 Things You Must Know Before Starting a YouTube Channel

As we all know YouTube is the product of Google. YouTube expect top quality content and deliver an experience that is consistent with other Google products.

Today, YouTube already have a numbers of professional content creator. You will have to do something unique and extra ordinary for your content and make it as top quality content.

With this post I want to share my ideas and experience and tell 10 things you must know before starting a Youtube channel.

1. Plan your videos

One of the most important step before creating your YouTube channel is to plan what type of videos you will make for your audience.  The best ways to increase your views and gain followers is to make your content interesting and engaging, so that the more people can relate to it, the more they’ll want to click on it and watch until the end. The more interesting videos you make the more viewers and subscribers you have. So, plan your videos for top quality content.

2. Post consistently

The most important step for new youtuber is to post content consistently. Most of the newbie gets demotivated when they see no growth on their channel. But the main thing is that no one is perfect, all youtubers have some deffect in their videos  and they tries their best to improve them.Like them only you will also learn slowly and slowly and improve your content quality. No one gets famous suddenly, all has to work hard for gaining popularity.
So, you must post your content consistently, so that you can find some defect in your videos and try to improve them. Also, it is important that you should set a goalfor yourself and stick into it in terms of regular posting.

3. Use better equipments

It is very important in terms of quality of content to use a better equipments for recording your videos and audios.
It is also not necessary that a DSLR camera only shoots better quality video, a better smartphone camera can also do that but you can not compromise with your audio. For audio you must have a better mic.
If you could afford then, you should at least have good light setup, better camera for video recording and a good quality mic for better audio recording.
You should use a good and simple video editing software like Camtasia, Wondershare filmora, Pinnacle studio 21.5, etc for editing your videos. Also make good intros for your channel.

4. Take Inspiration

As you go further, it will become more challenging  to come up with fresh, new content that will match the type of your first few videos. But don’t worry—even established YouTube artists go through the same thing every once in a while. The secret is to look for inspiration everywhere—even when you’re out and taking a break from recording. List down your ideas. Check out other videos and build upon their ideas to make them your own.
You should not comparing yourself to others. You should focus on your own channel. As long as you like and enjoy the concepts you come up with, your viewers will sense your sincerity and love for your craft, and this will help pique their interest. While you’re at it, take every opportunity to improve and evolve in other areas. Explore other camera filming techniques, editing styles, and approaches to your presentation.

5. Have a Schedule

The YouTube algorithm really loves creators who publish often and who have a set schedule. Pick a publishing day you’re comfortable with and stick to the plan religiously. Remember that it’s better to publish one great weekly video than to crank out many just to have a bigger output.

To make your subscribers aware of your channel’s schedule, remind them verbally in your videos and include the info on your channel art. And if you don’t want to commit to a day yet, at least mention that you’ll publish new content every week. (Because you will, right?)

6. Share Your Content

While your videos may get some traffic through search alone, don’t hesitate to promote your videos through your other online channels.
The people who have already connected with you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest are likely to appreciate your new videos as well.
And don’t forget about email! Including a video in your next email is a great way to engage your subscribers and drive traffic to your YouTube page.

7. Stay Engaged with Your Audiense

Don’t just upload your video and forget about it. Check in to see if people are commenting. Responding to people’s questions or comments can create conversations that help your audience learn more about your company and the topic of your video.

Not only can they learn from you, but you can learn from them about what you could be doing better to cater to your audience’s needs. Every comment you receive on a video is an opportunity to create a deeper conversation and connection.

8. Ignore All the Negative Comments

No matter how big or how small your channel is, there will always be negative comments. After all, YouTube is a hotbed for ruthless people hiding conveniently behind their blank avatars. No matter good your content is and how hard you work on your channel, there will always be people who will make hateful comments and try to bring you down.
Instead of letting them affect you, take it as a simple reminder that you can’t please everyone, and don’t forget those who appreciate you and what you do. Seek strength from these people in order to move past the negativity and continue producing content for them.

9. Don’t Forget to do SEO on Your Videos

If you want your videos to actually rank on YouTube (which allows viewers to find you), you need to do a bit more than just upload your content.

I know so many YouTubers who shoot really great videos, but they don’t help their content rank on YouTube. Filming and editing may be 90% of the work, but it’s the final 10% that’s going to allow people to find you.

Give your video a descriptive title.
You want something that explains exactly what your video is about and gets keywords in the title. “VLOG #1: Alohaaaaaa!!!!!” is not so great, but “Driving the road to Hana in Maui” might actually get you somewhere.

Use tags.
Tags are keywords that will help people find your video. Since we’re rolling with the example of “Driving the road to Hana in Maui”, you could use keywords like: Hana highway, road trip, scenic drive, coastal drive, Maui, Hawaii, travel. Get the picture?

Write a description.
Tell me what your video is about. Better yet, tell YouTube what your video is about. That little description box under your video gives you plenty of room to write a search engine-friendly description, so don’t be sparse with your words.

1O.  Analyze Your Data

Once you’ve started putting your videos out there, go and take a peek at how people are engaging with them.

Ideally, you want people watching your video all the way to the end. YouTube Analytics can show you if people are turning off your video at a certain point through the Audience Retention report. This is a good way to gauge if the length of your videos is right. Shorter and more engaging videos are often the most effective.

For more information on all the YouTube Analytics categories and features you can use, check out my post on understanding YouTube Analytics.

Hope you guys will like my post about 10 Things You Must Know Before Starting a YouTube Channel. And if you like my post then please comment and share it with others.

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