How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast In 2018

How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast In 2018

How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast In 2018

Today, Blogging is becomming more and more popular in online earning field. But only starting a blog is not a way to start earning money online. The are many things to do for earning money from blogging. In which the most important thing is How many traffic does your blog get every month?

Getting heavy traffic on your blog is the important thing for every blogger. We know its not easy to do so, but its not so much difficult also. By a little effort only you can increase your blog traffic easily.
So, In this post I will discuss about some ideas on How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast In 2018.

1.Write content On A Trending Topic

Always try to write content on a topic that are on trending, which are mostly searched by the people today. If you don't choose a trending topic then it will result in no traffic from search engines. Less traffic will demotivate you about blogging.

 So, find or search for the best trending topic that fits your niche for writing content.

One the of best way to find trending topic is Google trend . Here anyone can easily find the topic that are in trending on search engines.

2. Update your old post 

In a study, it has been found that the more often you update your blog content the more traffic you will receive. Google gives higher priority to those websites which are regularly being updated. One should update their blog content at least twice a week. So if you want more traffic from search engines then you should update your blog content regularly.

3. Write new post regularly

For maintaining your regular blog readers, you should write new post regularly. This is the most effective way of gaining more and more traffic on your blog. You should write atleast 3 to 4 posts per week to increase your daily blog traffic. If you have few post on your blog than inspite of getting new readers to your blog  your regular readers will also run away to any other else. So, always write posts regularly.

4. Write better titles

Title is the most important part of your blog post, it is more important than the content itself. Because any blog readers, first read the title of any post and if they like the title then only they will click the read more button. Unique title will automatically attracts the readers and as a result your blog traffic will increase more and more. Title only decides the potential of the content. You and me also do as same, we choose those article whose title are good and some uniqueness also.

5. Social media promoting

Never forget to share your blog post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, Pinterest, etc. You share your each and every post on social media and not only once, you can share your post again but after few days. Because regular sharing of same post will result as spam. One of most powerfull factor of increasing your blog traffic is through social media. You should create a seperate page for your blog on social media sites to attract more readers. If, any how your post goes viral on social media than it will result in massive increase in traffic in few hours only.

6. Write about your niche/topic

While writing your blog post, always keep in mind that you should know your particular niche/topic. If you will write mixed up content like one post on weight loss and other on internet tricks, then your readers will get confused about what to read. And due to this reason your regular readers will also run away. So follow your niche/topic while writing your blog post.

7. Better Keywords

While talking about SEO, keywords are the main part of SEO. One of the most easiest way to generate more traffic is to ensure that each and every page on your blog should have a keyword strategy. For every post you write, choose one keyword that you thing your readers will love to search and read about and use that keyword in tital, heading , meta tags, between content and images alt tags, etc. A proper key makes google understand that what the page is about. And as search engines understands your page, they will automatically increase your traffic.

8. Use images in your post

In a study, it has been found that images in your blog post boost the number of readers on your blog. Uses of alt image tags on images makes google understant that what the image is about and then only google or other search engines shows your image in the search result due to which your blog traffic will increase. You should not use any image on your blog post that are copywite. You should always use non-copywited images. There are many websites where you can easily find non-copy write images, you just need to searchnon-copy write images.

9. Joining websites like quora

Quora, it is a question answer website where one can easily find answers to their questions and also ask any question to other members for answering them. There are many other question answer websites like quora but I personally like quora the most. On quora you need to do disscussions  and answering to other questions and while doing this you also need to tell about your blog by providing your blog link. After answering 5 to 10 questions daily and telling about your blog in those answers , you will see a rapid increase in your blog traffic. 

10. Add social media sharing buttons

Social media sharing button allows readers to easily share your blog post among their friends and family. Its not like, every people will read your post and share it but what if few of them share it. From those few share only you will find that your traffic is increasing gradually. You must write some unique and lovely article/post for your readers that makes the reader automatically share it.If you don't add any social media sharing button to your blog then there is no chance of getting your blog shared among people. 

So guys, hope you all will like this post and if you like this post then don't forget to share it with your friends. Because sharing will increase traffic on my blog. Next again I will be writing about some other interesting topic.

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